Coaches Corner

We have 3 Qualified Bowls Coaches at the club. During May these coaches bring on new members and ensure they learn the basics of the game and can play on the green safely. After that the coaches are available to all members who wish to improve their game - but please approach coaches individually to arrange.

To find out more contact: Chris Morris; Vicky Goddard & David Macklin.

The club also has access to various training videos. Click on the links below:

Playing outdoor bowls

Useful Videos

  • Delivery to Shot Making

    This link is to a David Bryant video, which is 1 hour long and covers all aspects of the delivery through to shot making. It also has useful tips on bowl size and weight. (Excellent info for the beginner before purchasing a set of bowls) You can scroll through to the area you need to watch, so although it is 1 hour long you can just watch the particular section that you want to improve on.

  • Hand Signals

    Most commonly used hand signals Approx. 15 mins.

  • Mat Positions

    Mat positions on the rink. Approx. 15 mins.

  • Measuring Distances

    Measuring the distance between the Jack and winning bowls. Approx. 19 mins

Useful Summary Diagram

Summary diagram

Bowl Bias Chart

Bowls Bias Chart

Bowling Etiquette

Bowling etiquette is an important part of playing bowls so that all players can enjoy the game in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner. Please take a few minutes to read the updated club document.

Click here to view the bowling etiquette document

Coaching Illustration

Tip of the Month

You can only receive instructions from the other end of the green when you are standing on the mat. So before you deliver your bowl, stand on the mat to receive instructions from the skip at head. Once the bowl comes to rest the mat belongs to the opposition.

When you come back to the mat look to your skip at the head, he will then signal how close to the jack your previous bowl finished and give instruction about where he would like your next bowl.

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