2022 AGM

Thank you to everyone who turned out to a crowded AGM - 53 members signed in (but I'm sure I counted a few more had sneaked in at the back).  The full minutes are available behind the 'members login' (then 'club info' where you will find all the updated club documents eg Health & Safety, Etiquette, minutes).


We held a minute's silence for members who had passed since the last AGM and the various office holders gave their reports and thanks to the volunteeers who had helped during this last year.  It was a time of change as many positions had run their three year period of office and they had taken us through the sad period of COVID and restrictions imposed.  However this last year has seen a fantastic increase in membership and two promotions in the leagues - all looking good for the future.  Our thanks go to the retiring officers (in particular our leader Sonia) and welcome to the new team.


President - David Morley

Chairlady – Marilyn Macklin

Treasurer – Kevin Moutrie

Club Secretary – Shelia Gray

Men’s Captain – Peter Revell

Ladies’ Captain – Vicky Goddard

Male Committee Members – John Byrne, Trevor Thomas

Ladies Committee Members – Paula Saull, Dianne Miranda

Men’s Vice Captain – Graham Baker

Ladies Vice Captain – Paula Saull

Bar Manager – Eric McPhail

Bar Committee – Karen Adams, John Hudlass, Evelyn Hughes, Alan Wood


Life Members – Val Luthwood, Alec Overton to join Peter Millson and Wilf Manuel


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