2023 Leagues

We thought that you would be interested to know decisions that were made at various AGMs that affect the Fixtures Card, Dress for Play and other playing issues. But first, the big news is that we have just joined a new league for us, the Mens Guildford Tuesday Triples.

Guildford Triples (GTL) (Mens 2 Triples)

Contact: Trevor Thomas
  • We have just joined this well established Mens Triples League, which is played every Tuesday afternoon from the first Tuesday of May to the last Tuesday of August. It comprises of 2 Mens triples and will significantly widen the number of clubs against whom we play.
  • We very much look forward to competing in this friendly but competitive league. Your Dorking Organiser who has arranged this entry for you, is Trevor Thomas. Let him know what you think as we progress through the season.

North Downs League (NDL) (Mixed Midweek 3 Triples)

Contact: Vicky Goddard
  • Brockham was accepted into the league. Chris will need to agree a fixture with them, possibly by re-scheduling a friendly as NDL.
  • Proposed and agreed that tea and biscuits after matches and greys dress code be continued for season 2023.
  • Each match will start with 2 trial ends, followed by 18 ends where all shots will be counted.
  • Subscriptions were agreed to increase to £20 for 2023, subject to cost proposals for establishment of a league logo and website.
  • a proposal was submitted by Sam Cates of Redhill to change the NDL into 2 divisions of 8 teams playing H and A, with 2 up 2 down promotion and relegation, possibly starting in 2024. There was lengthy discussion and a vote only ‘to carry out a feasibility study of practicality’. The vote was in favour but only by 2 votes. We voted against because the NDL as currently arranged is what we want - a competitive but friendly mixed league. Next season the NDL will remain a single league as at present.

New Surrey Triples League (NSBL) (Mens Midweek 3 Triples)

Contact: Ray Smith & John Stenton
  • This is a Mens Triples League that we have played for many years against South London clubs. Because some clubs found difficulty in resourcing the games the league was opened up to ladies to contribute if they so wish.
  • West Wimbledon have joined the Triples League and will play Dorking on 2nd August next season. This will give us an additional game, 7 in total.
  • We raised concerns with the league organisers about clubs who defaulted against us last season. As a consequence we lost 2 games.

East Surrey League (ESL) (Mens Weekend 3 Rinks) + Ladies Friendlies

Contact: Peter Revell
  • This is a Mens rinks league with 2 divisions played at weekends on fixed dates,  but the Ladies play a friendly of one or two triples alongside the men at many of the fixtures. Dorking has won promotion to division 1 next season, along with Purley.
  • Next season matches will again be played in ‘greys’ for Dorking. The league amended our proposal for ‘greys’ so that each club can play in a colour of their choice if they so wish, so long as all players in the team are in the same dress. This idea emanates we think from Surrey and some clubs considering wearing blue trousers or shorts.
  • Concern was expressed over conceded matches that gave Dorking promotion. It was accepted that Dorking had explored all avenues to complete the fixture and was not at fault in any way. The ESL will look at their Rules on match defaults and improvements that can be incorporated to avoid any repetition.
  • The league matches will start a week earlier than previously and fixtures are home and away and will be completed in August before Finals Weekend. This should reduce or eliminate the need for re-scheduled games in September.
  • Redhill have joined the league, which takes the number of clubs up to 9 in each division, the full quota of clubs for next season.
  • Epsom Park have applied to join and have been put on a waiting list. West Wimbledon have made an informal enquiry, but the club is ‘out of area’ and the league is not keen to expand in that direction.
  • The Top 11 Knockout Competition was drawn at the ESL Presentation Dinner and we are drawn home against Chipstead, a tough draw, but on home grass!

Border League (BL) (Mens Thursday Evening 3 Rinks)

Contact: Graham Baker
  • The League is an evening Mens rinks league comprising 2 divisions playing home and away games, starting in early June to avoid the Surreys, and runs to mid August when light precludes more games. Not our success story last season. We have been relegated to division 2 along with Newdigate so we will have to redouble our efforts.
  • At the League AGM a proposal was put by Newdigate to change to a simple league playing all clubs once, because two clubs have withdrawn. We challenged this idea and suggested that it would be better to retain 2 divisions and that all clubs should try to recruit to get back to 6 clubs in each division. There are 5 clubs in each division next season. Our proposal won the vote 7 to 3 and the 2 divisions format will continue.
  • The AGM recognised that a small number of clubs have difficulty in resourcing 12 players, and we suggested that those clubs would benefit if a lady could be allowed on each rink. This has been successful on another league. The league would still be classed as a Mens league The proposal to allow ladies to be included if they so wish, for play next season, was carried by 9 votes with 1 abstention.
  • The BL Cup knockout will remain as it is, but the first round will be on a Sunday to be advised. This will make it easier for Surrey clubs to resource a team, including us.
  • The established ‘greys’ dress code was revised to allow coloured trousers or shorts. Greys and coloured shirts will still be the choice for us and probably most clubs. All members of a team should be similarly dressed.

Surrey Advertiser League (SAL) (Ladies 1 Rink)

Contact: Paula Saull
  • The Ladies play local clubs in this league by arrangement, one at home and one away with each of the other clubs. The matches are determined at the start of the season and the fixture list displayed on the noticeboard. Match selection cards are put up as usual and matches are played in Greys and Club shirts. A league table of the results is published. The Ladies play local clubs in this league by arrangement.
We hope that this note gives you some insight of what is happening in the various leagues.
Vick Goddard, Ladies Captain and Vice-Captain Paula Saull
Peter Revell, Mens Captain and Vice-Captain Graham Baker
David Macklin, Leagues Delegate

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