2023 President v Vice President - closing drive

Another year of outdoor bowling at Dorking comes to an end with the traditional President v Vice President closing drive.  There were seven rinks in operation for the 14 triples teams (always a popular event - so no problem with members signing up).  The green was in fantastic condition even at the end of season and we were reminded by the green team  to keep it that way!!  Huge thanks have to be given to all the volunteers who have made our green the envy of all the visiting teams.  So ... on to the day's events.


The ususal hubbub at the start of the afternoon with teams announced and instructions given.  Then on to the spider competition with Eric officiating (Graham luckily got a couple of wicks and was closest wink).


The weather was kind and we had a dry afternoon with lots of good bowls played - the jacks were left battered and bruised with all the accurate hits.  We must have been taking it seriously as the measure was out most of the time .......


Then back into the Clubhouse for much banter and laughter when the individual performances were discussed - probably helped with the free wine (thank you David and Sonia).  The ploughmans was well received (thank you Marian and Pat for all your catering work throughout the season) - there was even some extra cheese and bread on offer to those with an appetite (like me laugh).


David announced the results for the afternoon and it was close - 114 Presidents team to 113 Vice-Presidents team - so well done to the even picking of talented teams.  The highest score winning team was Joan, Mary and Bert with prizes presented.  The Dorking Bowls 'choir ???' then sang their thanks.  The popular raffle followed - that added to the day's profit (over £160) which contributed to this year's captains charity.


A lovely day to end the season and onto .......... the winter social season with a full programme of games on Friday eveings and cards on Wednesday afternoons.





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