Candlelit Bowls

The start of the chilly nights greeted us for the annual candlelit bowls event (and Sonia greeted us at the door collecting the money smiley ). 

Luckily we started with pie, mash and peas (topped with a lovely gravy) - to give us a glow for the evening - not everyone remembering what they ordered and queuing too early!.  We were all thankful to Marion (ably assisted by Pat, Ted and Steve) for their culinary efforts that afternoon.


Then it was onto the draw for triples teams from the large turnout.  Huge thanks to Karen who had organised the evening and spent time putting out the bottles (with Alan) with candles that lined the rinks - and after lighting didn't they look lovely.  We had to use small candles to not confuse the Gatwick planes overhead and turned off the lights in our Terminal building clubhouse.  There were a variety of torches used (no head ones allowed) - some were bright and some definitely needed new batteries.  Penalties for hitting the candles were not necessarily consistently applied ...... and the match results were mixed - some close and some quite one-sided.  In the end we only played 9 ends as it was getting late and we all needed to warm up.  It was interesting seeing all the torch beams waving around trying to pick out the bowls - sometimes we only knew they had been launched when the cry from the other end was 'bowl coming' and the bowl whisking by.


Back in the clubhouse, the results were read out - with the winning team being Paul Mac, Angela and Ted - who obviously had been snacking on carrots beforehand.  Karen gave thanks to everyone involved and luckily didn't have any cracker jokes with her ......

Then it was a good chat and drink until quite late - another great evening at Dorking again.



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