ESL Promotion

Dorking Promoted to ESL Division 1

Well, what a season we have had, culminating in coming second from top in Division 2 of the ESL League. The top 2 clubs are promoted and so we are going up along with top club Purley!
We have learnt a lot over the last year or so. Perhaps it started with our performance in the ESL Top 11 Competition last year, when we almost beat Old Coulsdon in the Final at Epsom. Since then we have developed as a serious group of players not to be under estimated. We’ve really gelled as teams beating opposing teams of a high standard, that we would have succumbed to previously.
This season demonstrates how, with Peter H and Peter R at the helm, we have gained confidence and team spirit and it’s paid off. Well done all of you players who have contributed to our fantastic success this season!
Next year we will enter  Division 1 which consists of many strong clubs. It will be an experience and one from which, I am sure, we will learn much. Let us all enjoy ourselves and whatever happens, I know that we will have a great season.
So congratulations to all who played in the ESL this year.
Article by David Macklin

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