Match Report 2: 1 May-7 May


Sunday May 1st saw the first competitive match of the season and was played at Redhill in the mixed triples North Downs League.

The match was competitive but friendly, and by the laughter coming from the rinks, all enjoyed getting back on the green, which certainly played very well.  There were some moments of drama on rink 3, captained by Peter.  A tied end occurred in the 16th end, where the bowl from both sides was in contact with the jack.  Do you know how this is dealt with and how the points are decided? Answer at the end of this report.

It was a very close match.  Rink 1 skipped by Graham enjoyed an early lead, but by end 10 this had been whittled way.  The other two league rinks were always playing catch up, and in the end we narrowly lost on all league rinks.  So nil points for us, 10 to Redhill.  But the friendly on rink 4 skipped by David gave our captain, Peter, the opportunity to say in his speech that if all rinks could be counted, then we would have won.


Saturday 7th May saw a rare occassion these days when 30 bowlers took to the green in whites, as DBC took on Brockham in 5 mixed triple matches.  Four of the matches were fairly one-sided, with honours finishing even - two matches to Brockham (Sue, Patricia & John H on 10-23 against and Paul S, Christine & Kevin on 8-27 against) and two to DBC (Richard S, Barbara & Trevor on 20-13 for and Sheila, Paula & Graham on 20-9 for).  So overall rink honours were down to Val, Martin and captain for th day, John S (who had remembered his whites after all !!!): down 0-9 after 4 ends, they fought back to 11-10 up after 10 ends, only to slip over the last 8 ends to 15-23.  So overall a 3-2 win for brockham with total points also to them at 95-73.  A threatening shower passed with just a few drops and all enjoyed a game played in friendly spirit, followed by an enjoyable social tea and biscuits.


Answer to a tied end: both teams are awarded nil points, but the end is counted and recorded as nil-nil.


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