Match Report 3: 8 May-14 May

There was a great turn-out for our Open Day - 30 potential new members came and had a go at bowls.  Some were completely new to the game and some returning.

A busy week with DBC involved in five matches

Shirley Park Sunday May 8th

The first Men's ESL match of the season was played on Sunday at Shirley Park in glorious sunshine. The DBC team of the day were Richard W., Martin, John S. and Peter R. who lead from the beginning, winning 20-9 against a very good Shirley Park team.

Trevor, Alec, Kevin, and Peter H. also started strong going 12-3 up after 6, but couldn't find the green when their opponents put the mat up and, after edging back towards the end, were beaten 19-23.

The third rink of Steve, John B., Neil (great to see you back Neil !), and David M. were going slow with 5 ends still to play when the other two games had finished. BUT an exciting game it was, going 6 down after the first end they fought back to lead by 5 after 14 ends only to slip back to 1 down after the 20th end. So it was all on the last end - where Neil put the jack and his bowl in the ditch ! That secured a point for DBC and the match finished on a draw 20-20.

So the rinks were shared equally on the day but DBC won the overall score tally 59-52, so well done DBC getting 7 points to 3 as a winning start in the ESL. It was the first time the DBC players could remember winning at Shirley Park.


Ewhurst Tuesday May 10th

The ladies had a friendly match at Ewhurst on Tuesday afternoon in bright sunshine. Ewhurst loaned Dorking a player due to a late withdrawal by a sick player.

A very friendly afternoon ended in a draw followed by tea and biscuits.


Esher Thursday May 12th

A Mixed triples friendly at Esher took place on Thursday afternoon and resulted in a win for Dorking by two rinks to one and a points total of 50-42 in favor of Dorking with Paula John B and Dave M being the stars of the day winning by 7 shots 18-11. Ray, Kevin and Marilyn managed a 20-15 win while a narrow defeat for Martin, Chris and a borrowed Esher player 12-16 in spite of a gallant fight back with 6 shots on the final few ends.

A tea and drinks followed and our thanks go to Esher for a very enjoyable afternoon and the loan of a player.


Old Coulsdon Friday 13th May

Mens National Top Eleven.

A special Friday the 13th when for the first time in living memory, DBC took on Old Coulsdon (a club full of Surrey players) in the National Top 11 competition.

Drawn against the same club that beat us in the final of the ESL Top 11 last year, the rematch was at their green.

Last to start and first to finish was Trevor in the 2-woods. Off to a good start and initially in the lead, he couldn't make it last and the game was over after 17 ends.

Captain Peter was next to fall, having put a great fight against the England under-25 Captain and leading after a dozen or so ends, the loss of four points on consecutive ends gave the win to OC.

Next to finish were Neil, Kevin, John By., and Jim in the Fours, who really never found the green on the evening.

Much closer games in the pairs (Richard W. and Peter R. ) and in the triples (Paul Mc, Dan, and John S.) were to be of no consequence and the match was over.

Maybe the highlight was the 7 taken by Richard and Peter R. on one end OR maybe it was the convivial discussion, drinks, and sandwiches afterwards ?

Hopefully all enjoyed their games and found it a positive learning experience.


Cheam Fields Saturday 14th May

The second ESL Men's match of the season was away at Cheam Fields in strong sunshine.

On Rink 1, Richard S., Alec, Martin, and Captain Peter were coming back towards the end but couldn't close the gap.

Rink 2 with Steve, Trevor, Paul Mc., and John By. were up, down, drawn, and then down again at the end with a close loss.

Rink 3 however saw a good win for Brian, Peter D. (great to see you on the green Peter D.!), John S. and Vice-Captain Peter. Their score was sufficiently good to see DBC win the total by just one point 54-53 ! So overall a winning day for DBC again in the ESL, taking 6 points to 4. So 13 out of 20 from 2 games.


Quote of the day:

OHH !! why did you change your hand?

Answer: 'I thought it was a good idea at the time.'


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