Match Report 6: 29 May- 4 June

Yes it happens - even in Dorking - hail stops play


Tuesday - NDL Home V Banstead Neville

An eventful match. With only 8 ends played and the match finely poised and with Dorking up on one rink, down on one and level on the third, the heavens opened. The green turned white with hailstones then torrential rain flooded the green. The teams ran for cover and consoled themselves with an early tea and a drink from the bar. The captains agreed to share the points 5-5 as the required number of ends had not been played to constitute a match.

Wednesday - ESL Top Eleven Home V Purley Bury

Bowls is a game of fine margins where a lucky wick or one loose bowl can turn a game.
This proved to be the case in our match against a strong Purley Bury team in the knockout ESL top eleven cup. The results were as follows
4 Wood Singles - Richard Woodman won 21 to 17, coming from a 16-12 deficit to win. Well done Richard.
2 Wood Singles - Kevin lost 11 to 15, having held a 10-6 lead
Pairs - John Stenton and Ray Smith lost 15 to 21. They were level on 15-15 with two ends to go having been in the lead for most of the game. Losing a 3 on the 17th end when holding 4 with one opponents bowl to go and then dropping another 3 on the final end chasing the game.
Triples - Jim Mason, John Byrne and Paul McAllister lost 13 to 19. A rocky start left them too much to do but they outscored the opposition in the last 10 ends.
Fours - David Macklin, Dan Cooke, Steve Jefferson and Martin Saul lost 16 to 18 An excellent start saw our team 7-1 up, 15-11 down and then tied at 16-16 on the final end only to drop a 2 at the end  
The final score of 4-1 did not reflect the closeness of the match, but Dorking can be proud of a great game. Purley Bury were excellent opponents with the game being played in a competitive, enthusiastic and friendly manner. Thanks also to the great support at the game from the Dorking members.

Thursday - Friendly Home V Horsham Park

A fine sunny afternoon saw Dorking win on two of the three rinks with a 69-36 winning margin.
John Byrne, Chris Ross and James Washer won 31-12
Ray Smith, Barbara Skelton and Alan Hodgson won 25-8
Kevin Moutrie, Peter Dunkley and Sheila Gray lost 13-16 but performed a great comeback scoring 8 on the last three ends

Surrey Competition Successes

A great win in the ladies triples for Marilyn Macklin, Vicky Goddard and Paula Saull with a 22-3 win with opponents conceding after 14 ends.
Peter Hamilton, Kevin Moutrie and Ray Smith beat a strong Horley side in the mens triples 18-14
Peter Revell and Richard Woodman won their pairs 20-19
Kevin Moutrie won his unbadged Singles to make the fourth round

Tuesday Night Triples

The games were washed out this week so Mercury stay undefeated in the lead with 9 points and the other three teams all on 3 points.
Your Match Reporter for all games this week Ray Smith

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