2022 Christmas Social Evening

Friday 16th Dec was the Christmas Social evening.  After the success of the Christmas Dinner Dance, it was great to have another opportunity to chat, drink and snack with friends and continue in the festive spirit.  Another good turnout with many in Christmas jumpers and hats.  Really appreciate Marian and her elves organising the evening and preparing all the snacks - they were constantly bringing out sausages, sausage rolls, crisps, peanuts, mince pies ........ and there was even two large tins of chocolates for those who had space left in their tummies.



So the evening started with assembling into teams and getting your brains working on the Christmas anagrams.  Some were fiendish and some obscure - sugar mice??? - perhaps I'm too young.  The management committee team are obviously lateral thinkers as they scored 19/20.  Then it was on to the main quiz with Greta and David providing the questions - these were wide ranging from 'how many snowflakes need to fall on the Met Office roof on Christmas Day to call it a White Christmas' to ' which European country send the most letters to Santa'.  Again the combined IQ of the management team won and received chocolate bars for their prizes.




Then we had the snacks, thank you's from Marilyn and a special prize for best outfit to John for his Australian colourful shirt, and then general catching up before all heading home for Christmas.  Lots more social events in the New Year and only four months until the Green is open for bowls smiley.

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