2023 Candelit Bowls

One of our favourites on the Club Calendar - bowls by moonlight - well in our case bowls by candles and a variety of torches ......


The Rinks were set out with tea candles in plastic bottles to mark the sides.  Getting those candles to light (and then stay alight) was the hardest job.  Then the evening fun started with a pasta bake (thank you once again Marian and Pat).  A random choice for teams - 8 triples and 2 fours - set out into the night.  The temperature was still hot (unlike last year) so no huddling around the candles to keep warm.  The torches were used to direct the bowls to the jack or wherever they ended up ........  We only did 10 ends so it wasn't too late a night.  Then back into the Clubhoues for the prizes and raffle.  Thanks to Paula and Sheila for this night's organisation.


Another great night at Dorking Bowls Club




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