2023 Club Mixed Triples

Saturday August 5th was to be Mixed Triples Day, which turned into Mixed Triples Weekend and a lot of fun for all who participated. Soaking rain on Saturday flooded the green and Plan B went into effect as 36 members sat down to a challenging but fun Quiz, lead by quizmaster Sheila Gray. Four quiz rounds were held before a break for tables laden with salads, quiches, savouries, cheeses, and fruit brought by everyone. Two more rounds completed the quiz followed by tables now laden with delicious homemade desserts, more cheese, cakes, and fruit. The Quiz results were close but John Jennings, Eric McPhail, and Vicky Goddard were the winners with Jackie Lewis, Diane Miranda, and Mike Vergien a close second. Many thanks to Sheila for the quiz and to the whole Vergien family for filling in for the 'no-shows'.


And so to Sunday, when the sun came out, the green cleared, and 24 of the 36 were able to return for a fun game of bowls. Each team played 3 short games in great spirit and finally clear winners of the Mixed Triples 2023 emerged, with a massive plus 16 shots, congratulations to David Lewis, Christine Ross, and Mike Vergien. Runners-up for 2023, with a creditable plus 5 shots were Maggie Mellett, Paula Saull, and David Macklin. The game was followed by the usual drinks and yet more food left-over from Saturday.


thanks to Trevor for reporting



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