2023 Internal Competitions Draw - update with Men and Ladies Pairs

This is an update to INTERNAL COMPETITIONS DRAW with men and Ladies pairs added to the draw.  Please see the NEW DRAW PAGES

The initial draw is available on the members information page - but also click here


Report on Original Draw on Friday 14 May

Best laid plans ...... so we were going to have the Friday Roll-Up at 6pm with sausages after - then have the draw.  But the soggy green after the weeks downpours was pronounced unplayable.

So no roll-up and even worse no sausages crying.


A reduced crowd waited for the Internal Comps team to re-organise the draw as they had expected it to be at about 8.30 and only Trevor was there .....


We had a record number of entrants - 51 and it took a lot of organising to create the individual competition sheets. 

In the end it was very professionally executed with David on the Revolving Drum, John handling the balls and Trevor as broadcaster.  Lots of oohs and ahhs from the crowd as the draws were made.

There was a call out made that all single matches will require a marker - so please put your names forward to help out.


added by Trevor and John

The draw sheets for the singles and nominated pairs matches are now up at the club house and on the website.  Thanks to President David for picking the draw with many exciting matches to be played.  Tickets are selling fast for the Champion Kevin v Captain Peter R.  in the Millennium and not to mention Diane v Mannie in the Challenge Cup.  The best 'seat' in the house is reserved for the Marker so please offer to mark for each other as much as possible.  There is also a list of markers on the board that you can contact.  Please put completed, signed scorecards in the wooden box attached to the noticeboard so the Competition Secretaries can update the draw sheets with the official results.  Good luck everyone.

A sign up sheet for the Ladies' and the Men's Pairs competitions is also on the board.  If you already entered on the original entry form then your name is on the list already and you need not do anything.  We especially would like more entrants in the Ladies' pairs.  Entry will close at the end of May and the draw will probably take place on 9th June.  The quarter finals of these two competitions will be held on Sunday 25th June.  

Don't forget when making arrangements to play matches the Green is closed until midday on Mondays and Thursdays for grass cutting. 


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