2023 Monday Afternoon Final session

Firstly - thank you to all 47 members who made Monday afternoons such a fun and enjoyable time over the last 16 weeks.  This format of mix and match works well with people playing in different positions and with a different team or four games/four ends. 


There have been some odd numbers turn up for the afternoons where we have been inventive with team/bowl combinations (somehow confusing to some and took some getting used to) and a couple of wet days - but on the whole we have been lucky with a great turnout averaging 19 per week and a whopping 30 on the last day.  Not bad considering all the league and internal competitions that are also on our clubs very full menu.


So onto the winners - main picture is Steve who came first with a massive 5 best score total of 131 and received a voucher for £50.  Steve has been so consistent that people have even been heard trying to swop their counters to be on his team ..... smiley.  Second place (rather embarrassingly) was me with 123 - just shows that if you turn up enough you manage to get with a winning team.  Third place with 118 was Diane just pipping Mannie on 117 into fourth.  With so many attending we were able to spend the match fees on more prizes - so the following also got their pick of the great items ranging from plants, gin, wine to chocholates and biscuits. 


Fifth - Alan 115, sixth - Fiona 112, seventh - Pauline 110, joint eighth - Derek & Evelyn 100, tenth - Chris 99, eleventh - Shila B 94, twelfth - Paul C 93, thirteenth - Richard 90, fourteenth - Brian 87, fiftteenth - Val 85.


A special prize (another voucher) was also given to Alan for the best day score of 31 - a truely brilliant score.


Below are a few more pictures of the day - perhaps too many .......


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