Beetle Drive

Friday Night Social this week was a Beetle Drive organised by Marilyn - who unfortunately was unwell - so our compère for the evening was David (Thank you).  We had 5 full tables (with some on-lookers) - so a good turnout for a cold evening.  We had to be reminded of the rules as many hadn't played since we were children ....... and then it was off to a raucous throwing of dice and oohs and aahs as the six to start became more and more evasive.  All too soon, someone shouted BEETLE and we all had to stop and count up our score (14 being the maximum).  The highest score moved clockwise to the next table and the lowest went anti-clockwise - so a different group to play with each game.


There was a break after round four to top up our drinks and buy one of Eric's famous rolls and then back into battle.  I think most people will have been hearing the rattle of dice in the cup long after we finished.  After nine rounds, the scores were totted up and Alan was the winner (a lovely bottle of Merlot) averaging 11 per round - amazing !!!  Marilyn had also said that there was a prize for the prettiest Beetle - who Pauline always thought was George - but with Anne adjudicating, it turned out that Roland has some talent after all (just not at bowls).


So a lovely night again and still another month of Friday Socials - so there are a lot more fun and varied evenings to come.

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