CPR Training

We had a very interesting and important CPR training session on Friday 20 May. We had over 30 people packed into the clubhouse to listen and learn from some of the volunteeers at Central Surrey Community First Responders (Liz, Dean and Ben) who are trained to respond to 999 calls to reach and assist patients before the ambulance arrives. There was a presentation and demonstrations on the correct method of CPR and the use of a defibrillator (when and how) and it was great to see dummies spread around the floor with our members hands on practicing in time with a metronome. They are all local people and made us feel a little easier in dealing with this type of emergency - although we hope the occasion never arises. As a charitable organisation and although they receive training from South East Coast Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust, based in the central Surrey area - they rely on donations to continue. Our attendees made a generous £142 collection.


click here to link to the Central Surrey Community First Responders Facebook page for more information

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