First Friday Roll-Up

The long awaited Friday Roll-ups have started again.  This is a firm social favourite at the club especially with the promise of a hot sausage to follow.  Admin at the start was efficient as ever with names then picked out of a hat to form triple teams.  We had enough for eight teams (a great first turn-out).  It turned a bit chilly near the end so we were all thankful for just 15 ends.  There was a winning team (£3 each) and a losing team (chocolate bar) but it didn't really matter as we all enjoyed the evening - I think some teams actually play to get the chocolate ..... Great effort by all to get hot sausgaes (and onions of course) ready for the weary players and a drink from the bar (etiquette means that winning team in each match buys for the losing team).  The raffle with more drink, chocolates and meat on offer completed another fun night.


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