First Organised Social of 2023

Friday 20 Jan saw the return of the organised Winter Social nights at the Club.  We were lucky to have another chance to win at Bingo and the largest number of members (about 50) turned up for 'eyes down' at 7pm.  As usual it was very well organised by Karen - with Alan keeping a close eye on the winnings.  There were a few quick wins and some that seemed to go on for ever .......... almost every number called to get a full house.  But Karen kept us amused with some strange calls 'feathers on a Thrush's neck' ?????? and a change for 66 - now the old age pension age.  Needless to say there were a lot of responses from the assembled crowd.


Halfway through there was a rush to the bar for well earned drinks and Eric's famous filled rolls.  No big prize this time (55 numbers called came and went) - so it gets rolled over to the next time.


So the programme for 2023 has kicked off with a great night.  More organised Friday socials to follow - Shuttleboard, Boccia, Quiz in Feb and March - and board games and darts this coming Friday.  It would be great to see even more supporting the Club next time.


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