First Tuesday Night Triples 2023

There was great interest in this competition and we had 48 members signed up - which meant we could have 8 teams of 6 - so 4 matches each Tuesday laugh.


Karen has done a fantastic job of coordinating the team selections and making sure that husband and wives were on different teams (avoids a domestic!!) - but would play on the same evening so can at least share cars.  Then there was a cook to find (we must have a sausage/burger after play) and raffle prizes and someone to man the bar ....... the list goes on - and all done with a smile on her face.  There still needed a bit of tweaking due to illnesses, league matches, etc right up to the 6pm start indecision.


It was nice to see some of the newcomers from the class of 2022 taking part and a very enjoyable evening with some close matches .... and some not so close.  Still a different set of triples will play for the team next week and lets see how the season progresses.  Bound to be more swopping of players as holiday season approaches.



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