Games Night - Friday Social

Back by popular demand (well Kevin mentioned it last week)  - this Friday's social was a games night.  The board games emerged from the Ladies' dressing room (?) and were completely ignored .......  instead we played darts and Canasta.  There were 4 tables playing cards and being taught how to play Canasta - thank you to the teachers for their patience.  Most people picked up the basic rules quickly and we were off looking for Red 3's, trying to create melds, trying not to discard a card wanted by the others ..... just so much to think about but very enjoyable.  I think there might be a few more members going along to the Wednesday card afternoons now.  Darts was a bit more hit and miss (a lot of these).  The only one with any sort of form was Kevin, who with his trusty side-kick Trevor, won every game with his acurate double finishes.


Some members were just happy having a chat and a few drinks although I thought I heard 'spin the bottle' from one end of the clubhouse - but it was just Eric clearing up behind the bar.  We really enjoyed the roast potatoes during the evening (thanks again to the Bookham Bandits).  A great turnout for the evening which now will continue with all of the social events planned for the next few months.

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