Last Friday Roll-up of 2022

On a beautiful summer's evening, we held our last Friday Roll-up of the 2022 season.  There was the largest turn out with 34 members and we had to use all 6 rinks - even found some mats that were clean and white under the pile ..... So it was 5 triples and 1 pair playing just 14 ends as the night is now drawing in - even so it was getting dark for rink 6 who were the last to finish. There was a lot of ooohhhs and arghs on the green, but dont know if that was the aches and pains after a long season or near misses. The weather was kind and it was so nice to be out with friends and this roll-up will be missed.


Then it was back into the cludhouse to join the few spectators and enjoy a drink and a sausage. A little hiccup with the raffle draw (again) - but at least the right people won the wine (yes ME). Prizes for the best team (dosh) and 'wasn't their night' team (chocolate) were handed out by Karen who then went into her comedy act with a few jokes. These were cracking ones (I mean they came from a cracker) and almost as bad as Neil's used to be. Thanks were given to all those that helped (cooks, bar, logistics) with these Friday Club nights - but Karen should be praised for taking on the organisation and driving the attendance for the season especially with encouraging the new members.


More matches and competitions still to come but we are all already looking forward to next year's Friday Roll-Ups.




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