Platinum Jubilee Party

The long awaited and planned Platinum Jubilee long weekend is now over.  For over 40 DBC members it culminated in a Jubilee party on the Sunday afternoon.  The club house looked very festive decked out with Union Jack bunting and red, white and blue balloons.  Everyone attending made such an effort to come dressed in the 3 colours.  It made Sonia’s task of choosing the best dressed impossible so eventually names of the contenders for the prize were put in a hat and Barbara Skilton and David Macklin were the lucky winners.


The afternoon commenced with nibbles washed down with Pimms or a fruit punch served by a Eric behind the bar.  Thank you Eric.  It is a bit debatable whether the Pimms helped the standard of play or hindered it!


The question in all minds was would the rain hold off so we could play our game.  David with help from Ted put out the equipment just in case.  How lucky we were 18 ends were completed before the rain came.  The winning team was Trevor, Barbara and Paul who had the biggest shot difference in their defeat of David, Paula and Jamie.


Whilst we were out playing Pat and helpers were busy laying the tables and boiling the kettles for our cream tea which was enjoyed by all.  Thank you for this.  We even had a Union Jack cake to finish off with courtesy of Costco and Kevin.  We must thank the lady in Sainsbury’s for phoning us when they had a delivery of scones which were in very short supply and hard to find.  Sorry any one else in Dorking who went there to buy them last week but we bought up their entire supply!


Thank you to all those who bought raffle tickets and for those who donated prizes.  We especially liked the appropriately named bottle from the police.  We made the grand sum of £97 for our Captain’s charity the MacMillan Nurses.


The event couldn’t have run so well without all the help we received from other club members including those who hung the bunting and Paul who blew up the balloons on the Friday evening.  A big thank you must go to Sonia, Babs and Pat who turned up early on Sunday morning to help us in the kitchen.  Also to Dave Morley who read out Peter’s quiz questions to test our knowledge on the Queen.  If there is anyone we have missed we must apologise.  Most of all thank you to all who attended and made it such an enjoyable afternoon.


Report by Vicky & Marilyn

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