Special Forum - Our Coaching Team presents



Our last Open Forum before the start of the season and this was run by our coaches and congratulations to Ray S and Mike V  who have joined Chris M, David M and Vicky G as level 1 coaches – what a team – and coaching for all which will continue, hopefully, throughout summer on a Monday evening both before and once any new recruits to bowling have been “processed” after our Open Day on 27th April.  To add depth to our coaching ability we have been joined by Colin S who has recently joined and who is a level 2 coach!

It was not only very informative but a lovely social evening with Chinese style nibbles courtesy of Eric for when the forum closed – and thanks as ever to Marian who spent time in the kitchen making sure all food was heated to perfection.

It all bodes well for a lovely and, who knows, a very “winning” summer.




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