St Patricks Night Social

Irish eyes were smiling (plus other nationalities laugh) on Friday when we had a St Patrick's Day social night.  As usual there was a good turnout for the fun and laughter with the added atrraction of roast potatoes at half time - beautifully cooked by Marian. 


Paul put a lot of effort into creating a quiz of Irish related questions that had us all scratching our heads and debating the answers in our little teams.  Who knew that 10% of the 'English' claim to have Irish heritage or that 1.5 billion pints of Guinness are drunk every year around the world - with many in our bar.  There was even a little sing song when we were trying to find the answer to - what was Molly Malone selling?  The final question of matching Irish County names to the map was a real show of ignorance for most people until one team realised that all the answers were in sequence and therefore scored all 32 points !!!! 
The winning team were awarded a magnificent trophy made of 22 carat 'Irish gold' that was almost attached to a plinth.







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