Start of the Winter Socials - Bingo



It was the first of the organised Winter Social Events this Friday. Over thirty packed the clubhouse and took their favourite positions for eyes down at 7pm.  It was nice to see some of this year's new members taking part.


We first had a tribute and minute's reflection for Neil and Lynne Cooper who both sadly passed this year.  They had been instrumental in starting the Winter Social events a few years ago to make them as successful as they are today.  We have a lot to thank them for.


Karen was our Bingo caller tonight (ably assisted by Alan) and she encouraged audience participation for each number called - PC49 evening all, two ducks 22 quack quack, etc.  A very quick win for Anne on the first card set the scene for the evening and the wins were fairly well spread out amongst the crowd (well, I won twice smiley - but who's counting).  The bonus wasn't won this time and rolls over to the next session.  Thanks to Eric again for his cheese and ham rolls, which were well appreciated in the excitement of another great evening.  Looking forward to the next organised evening - Quiz Night 18th Nov ......... so start swotting.

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