Below is a copy of the fixture list for 2024.

Your Complete Guide to All Our Leagues in 2024

This Guide tells you everything you need to know about all our Leagues; when they are played, whether they are triples or rinks, Men’s, Ladies or Mixed. Just scan down to see whether the league has a website and how results are shown. Results of games are also displayed on the League Notice Boards just inside the main door. The latest important information on all the leagues is summarised to give you an easy overview. See what interests you and put your name down to play on the Yellow Selection Cards, which will be placed in the outside cabinets outside the Visitors Changing Rooms. Everyone in the Club is good enough to play, so go for some games. You won’t be disappointed! This year, we are in six competitive Leagues - see bottom for details with league tables - click here

There are also frequent Ladies and Mixed friendly matches organised and see Member’s Information for Social Bowls and Club Competitions - click here.

GTL: Guildford Triples League (Men's Triples, age 55 and older)

  • Our second season in the 10-club Guildford section of the Guildford, Woking and District Tuesday Triples League. Two men's triples for 18 Tuesday afternoons throughout the season, for players age 55 and older. The top clubs in each section play-off at the end of the season. We hope to match our performance last season when we came second in the league and competed in the play-offs, losing by only one shot to Mayford Hall.
  • See Dorking's fixtures and results here.


NDL: North Downs League (Mixed Triples)

  • Three mixed triples, usually played midweek throughout the season, against 15 clubs in the area. The top 4 clubs in the League enter play-offs at the end of the season.
  • Players will need to take 4 bowls in case someone is ill, as the game will continue with 2 players vs 3 plyaers - 8 bowls against 9 bowls with no shot deduction.
  • See the NDL website for results here.


ESL: East Surrey League (Men's Rinks)

  • Three men's rinks on 16 weekends throughout the season, mostly Saturday afternoons, but some Sundays, often played alongside one or more Ladies' friendly triples. This League is divided into two divisions of 9 clubs each, centred on the Croydon area. The top 2 clubs are promoted and the bottom 2 relegated each year. Last year, Dorking won promotion to the top Division, but despite our best endeavours we could not retain our place and are once again in the second Division this season.
  • See the latest league standings here.
  • We also participate in the ESL Top 11, a knockout competition. Matches comprisea team of 11 players: single, 2-wood single, pair, triple, and a rinks match, all played at the same time. This season Dorking has an away match draw against Cheam Fields – fixture date to be arranged.


BL: Border League (Men's Rinks)

  • Three men's rinks on 10 Thursday evenings during the summer from June to mid-August. This League is divided into two divisions with 6 clubs from the Surrey-Sussex border. The top 2 clubs are promoted and the bottom 2 are relegated each year. Dorking is in Division 2 and we are hoping for abetter year this season. Although nominally a Men's League, Ladies are invited to play when insufficient men are available.
  • This season Old Coulsdon has joined the League in Division 2.
  • We also participate in the Border League Cup, a knockout competition. Each round is played on a Sunday morning and comprises a one rink match played home and one at the away club at the same time. The score of the 2 rinks is aggregated.


SAL: Surrey Advertiser League (Ladies Rinks)

  • A single ladies rinks match played against a few local clubs, usually on Friday mornings. The schedule of fixtures is sent out in March and will be available at the beginning of the season. Details will be posted on the Club noticeboard and (when available) can be viewed here.
  • Dorking won the Surrey Advertiser Cup in 2023 and as winners will host the 2024 Finals Day in September.


NSL: New Surrey Triples League (Men's Triples)

  • Three triples played midweek with just 7 matches during the season, against south London area clubs. Although nominally a Men's League, Ladies are invited to play when insufficient men are available.

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